About this site

Here is a free space for me to share technology, record life, travel and ideas. At first, I created this site just to sort out and publish my learning notes. Later, I found that personal knowledge base software is more suitable for taking notes. So I began to share knowledge, experience and practice writing in my blog, and I hope to use it as a “official account”, but it does not need to be built on other platforms.

📖 History

  • 2015 – Site is created with WordPress, deployed on a oversea VPS
  • 2019 – Migrate content to Hugo and Firebase Hosting

About me

I am a software engineer. When I first came into contact with programming, I used C to write MCU program. After coming into contact with OOP, I did Android development for a while, and then gradually shifted my focus to java web back-end and microservice development. During the postgraduate period, I transferred to the field of cyberspace security, mainly studying cyber range, cyber attack & defense technology, etc.

📮 Contacts

  • E-mail: badlu͟ck@88.com
  • Telegram: aHR0cHM6Ly90Lm1lL3h0MzIzCg==

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